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I have to come up with something witty? Can't I just do a little dance? D:

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Oy, I'm Rue, and yea, that's pretty much my real name at this point.

I saw somebody a while back saying they're from Texas, well, I am too. I actually live about twenty minutes away from the Bush Ranch -pauses for collective booing-. Yeah, I ain't that thrilled about it either.

Anyhoo, I'm 22 and currently on strike from life because of family issues. I live at home, and we have many dogs. Mostly of the Pomeranian variety. I will never admit how I luffs them so much. I'm sort of an amateur artist, a somewhat less amateur writer/poet and an aspiring webcomicist. I collect Final Fantasy figures which I think is one of the reasons I stayed at my last job as long as I did.

Personally, I am a sort of androgynous person, probably more male than my genitalia would lead me to believe, and I am an equal opportunity employer, or pan/omnisexual (whatever the hell the term is now). Nevertheless, I have a stupid boyfriend (hence my icon), which if you can't read says, "But you were cleaning a loaded gun... Do you see the problem?". Which is a hilarious reference to how he got kicked out of his last apartment.

That is all.

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rue is a cool name

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HEy! Welcome to the forum, it's always good to have some new faces... and I'll try not to judge you because of where you live. I live near an ass hole politician too though no one outside Canada or possibly even Ontario would know who he is.

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